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Whether you are needing a new length of fuel hose to supply that thirsty Holley double pumper, or you are upgrading your fuel injection hose, it is vital that these hoses are built to the highest standards. Worn or split fuel hose is a drivers worst nightmare as the potential for astrophe is high and when replacing these don''t settle for second best. Repco stock a wide selection of …

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There are further problems with other types of hoses. For instance, can you use an engine or transmission oil cooler hose in a power steering appliion? The answer is . . . maybe, but probably not. In any event, you’d need the right diameter hose, with a high enough pressure rating, a high enough temperature range and, last but not least, material compatibility. You …

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We analyzed official data on Porsche 911 engine oil for 5 generations and 87 modifiions produced from 1989 to 2018 and figured out the optimal liquids. The 911 Generations. 911 991 (2011-2018) Engine. Capacity. Change interval. Oil type. 911 Carrera 4 …

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16/9/2017· AMOC #1 gave the option to terminate the AD with Type C AND Type D hoses, as long as the oil cooler was mounted at the rear of the engine, and there were no defects noted on the hoses. But with the new AD, that AMOC is no longer approved as a method to comply with the new AD. So I had to change those hoses in that Archer… oh well, they should last a very …

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RP5-AS FUEL OIL DELIVERY HOSE RP5-AS hose asselies are used for delivery of fuel oil in many services. Good for fuel oils, gasoline, kerosene, diesel, and bio-diesel. Abrasion, kink, and weather resistant cover, and Nitrile oil resistant tube. 1" to 1-1/2" diameters, in 25ft increments starting at 100ft. -40F to 180F.

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Oil & Gas Exploration Hoses. With a wide selection of durable industrial hoses, Eaton makes it easy to find the perfect solution for oil and gas exploration. Petroleum Hoses. The tube and cover on Eaton industrial hoses are specifically chosen and engineered to ensure maximum life even in the demanding petroleum industry. Specialty Hoses . Eaton manufactures flexible, heat …

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Automotive Hose. Automotive hose is an important part of automotive components, making car efficient and dependable. Automotive hoses play an integral role in the operation of automobiles, include flexible air brake hoses, air conditioning hoses, automotive exhaust hoses, power steering hose…. JYM 2020-07-21T08:11:40+00:00.

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6 – OEM Type. OEM oil flex hose from hard line to oil cooler, supply side / longer. As equipped on ’86-’89 911/930, can be used on all ’65-’89 equipped with 4A …


4. hose system p.13 calm system lazy-s calm system chinese lantern calm system steep-s off buoy hoses system salm system tandem mooring cm system 5. hose selection p.20 hose selection single carcass hose double carcass hose (dc) code system standard type h-type super 300-15 type super 300 type precautions speciality products 6. ancillary

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Your industrial hose is more than just a flexible, reinforced tube: it’s at the heart of your operations, which means you can’t afford failure or downtime. At Gates, we’ve engineered state-of-the-art industrial hoses, couplings, and accessories for appliions ranging from water to welding, petroleum to pressure washing, and from mining to material handling.

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There are many types of refrigerants (water, carbon dioxide, ammonia), however there is one special type of low-boiling hydrocarbons, called freons. Flexible freon hoses are widely used in air-conditioning systems of various vehicles (cars, machinery, trains, trams) as well as in smaller installations of industrial cooling. In these installations, freon (e.g. R134a, R1234yf) mixed with

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for a straight hose [1] Where λ is friction factor λ = for Re < 2300 (laminar flow) λ = for 2300 < Re < 105 (Turbulent flow) l = length of the hose [m] = density of the fluid [kg/m3] mean flow velocity [m/s], d = diameter of the hose[m] This is the pressure loss in hose when it is in straight line. The pressure loss increases with the

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1994 bmw 850ci. 1999 BMW 528i wagon. 2000 Jeep wrangler. 964 Oil leaks & fixes thread. I do not post too much, mostly read the boards. 964''s do leak pretty badly by nature, but not all leaks are caused by "case cracks", "cylinder heads" recalls, case bolts and other terrifying causes widely spread on the net. A lot of leaks are easy/fun to fix DIY.

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Stainless Steel Brake LinesWhen you step on the brakes with normal rubber brake hoses they first start; 964. Fan Resisitor for 993 CarsA frequently failing component that stops the fan for the oil cooler or A/C; Fuel Cap Alu Look Alu look fuel cap for the 993, 964 and ''80-''89 911. Hood ShocksFor the every 993 and 964. Easier to install due to the new design where the; Oil Filter …

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single leg-type mooring hawser and grommet-type mooring hawser manufactured and supplied in strict accordance with the OCIMF 2000 Guidelines for the Purchasing and Testing of SPM Hawsers. Integrated SPM & CBM supply OIL offers a complete service for Single Point Mooring systems, from design and supply of the entire offtake system, to replacement of mooring …

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Crude Oil Waste Pit Suction Hose. Ideal for appliions where full suction is required, these hoses are frequently used in crude oil, saltwater and freshwater, tank bottom, and diesel fuel handling. With a black CR ARPM Class B cover and a smooth, black nitrile tube, these models provide the same benefits as our oil return hoses — a weather- and abrasion-resistant cover, …

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Oil Circulation for Porsche 911 (1989-1998): Oil Return Tubes


OBN series pistol type non shut-off geared oil-pul.. A E ENGINEERING (THAILAND) CO., LTD. 333/51-52 Talingchan-Supanburi Rd., Lahan, Bangbuathong, Nonthaburi 11110 Thailand. Tel : 02-964-4956-8, Fax : 02-964-4801-2. Thailand Contact : [email protected] Website: /p>

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The Porsche Classic parts range includes more than 60,000 genuine parts that are available to you from any Porsche Classic Partner or authorized Porsche dealer around the world. You can now quickly and easily find selected genuine parts for your classic car using the Porsche Classic Parts Explorer. Regardless of whether you search by model, type or model year, you can …

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Blowing Cold Since 1987 – Griffiths designs & sells aftermarket Porsche Air Conditioning Upgrades Porsche 911, 912, 924, 928, 930, 944, 951, 964, 986, 993, 996, & Boxster. Shop our newest product line - Porsche fuel lines & oil lines! Upgrades include barrier hoses, Evaporators, R134a, Condensers, AC help, & more

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19/3/2017· For most hose companies, little domestic inventory for this type nontraditional hose was available, so a mad dash occurred to procure it from Europe and Asia where it was more common. One manufacturer realized that a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) hose was ineffective in this appliion, so it moved to a PVC/nitrile-blend hose that was rated at 200 psi. It was a rugged …


MASTER CYLINDER / RESERVOIR / HOSE / LINE 1984-1989 Porsche 911 3.2L / 964 3.6L Engine Air Intake Kit (ENG INTK 911 964FA) Regular price $229 00 $229.00. PETERSON In-Line Filter - AN-12 Male Inlet / Outlet - 60 Micron (OIL 09 0452) Regular price $211 00 $211.00. Fuel Pump Porsche 901 / 911 / 914/6 Weber & PMO fuel pump Carburetor (FUE 901 608 106 01) …

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The Porsche Classic parts range includes more than 60,000 genuine parts that are available to you from any Porsche Classic Partner or authorized Porsche dealer around the world. You can now quickly and easily find selected genuine parts for your classic car using the Porsche Classic Parts Explorer. Regardless of whether you search by model, type or model year, you can …

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Type 964 ("nine-sixty-four", or "nine-six-four") is Porsche''s internal code name for the 911 Carrera 2 and 911 Carrera 4 models, which were badged simply as "Carrera 2" and "Carrera 4". "964" is used by automotive publiions and enthusiasts to distinguish them from other generations of the Carrera. Carrera 2 and 4. Porsche 964 Carrera. Porsche 964 Carrera 2 cabriolet. The 964 was …

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Another way to pre-filter your hydraulic oil is by pumping the oil into the hydraulic reservoir through the system’s return filter. The easiest way to do this is to install a tee in the return line and attach a quick-connector to the branch of this tee. Attach the other half of the quick-connector to the discharge hose of a drum pump. When hydraulic oil needs to be added to the reservoir

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15/9/2010· Retrofit 911 oil cooler on 964 engine – here’s how. As part of the work involved in a long-running project 3.6 engine rebuild, I decided that I wanted to use a 911-style engine-mounted oil cooler rather than get involved with adding a new centre-mounted cooler up front. This engine will go in a G50 Carrera which already has the fender

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METRIC COPPER WASHERS / TYPE A; METRIC FIBER WASHERS / TYPE A; TRIM WASHERS; SPECIALIZED METRIC WASHERS. Metric 125 Flat Washer . 125 A2 Stainless Steel; 125 CAD1; 125 Yellow Zinc; 125 Zinc; Metric 127 Split Washer. 127 A2 Stainless Steel; 127 Black Oxide; 127 Black Zinc; 127 Yellow Zinc; 127 Zinc; METRIC 137 Black Oxide Wave …


A fuel hose is heavy and commonly soft wall type, but can be of hard wall construction. The outer wall is made of black oil resistant neoprene synthetic rubber and is reinforced with synthetic textile yarn with antistatic copper wire. It has a black nitrile tube. The outer cover on - 10 - this hose is susceptible to mechanical damage. The hose carries a brown lazy spiral stripe for

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27/12/2018· Each hose type has important advantages and disadvantages which need to be considered when building fuel or oil hoses. Rather than compare all the different hose types, let''s look at just the liner material and the outer braid material. As you can see from the table above, all of our fuel and oil hoses use one of 2 liner materials and one of 3 outer braid …